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Nov. 16th, 2006

Anyone here really good at Astronomy?


Okay, here's my question. If there was a planet a bit farther out from the sun (the sun would be in the same year pattern as our sun, same diameter, density all that becuase i'm WAY To lazy to figure any of that out @_@) than earth is, but the planet was larger.. maybe... size of two earths. The planet would be completely water with an atmosphere similar to ours.... maybe a little more nitrogen (just for flavor and pretty colors)

The planet would have 2 moons, One small, Mercury size, just a rock, like ours. Then the other would be Mars size, which is a tiny bit bigger than half the earth (which is only 7926 Miles across... isn't that weird? Seems like it should me more. (That's diameter, not circumference)

ANYWAY, I'm getting off track.

Here's my question. Would the water world, have too high of a pull on the Earth type planet orbiting it, for that world to sustain life?

I wanted to do a gas world, but if I did that then the little planet would get too hot I'm thinking, and not really be able to sustain life, then again they think Ganymede could hold aqualife under the ice...so there you go.

So anyway... would a world orbiting a larger water world be able to sustain life? Or would it have weird tidal activity?

My model of the solar system in this

Sun = Same as ours

Planet one: Venus distance, size of Mercury, just a rock

Planet two: Between Earth and Mars, size-ish of Mars. Waterworld, atmostphere like ours with a bit more nitrogen (yeah, plants under the water and all that) Moon (which is the planet the story would be on) is 20% land, 80% water, farther away from Planet TWo than the moon is from earth. Atmosphere like ours. Day is same as ours, 12 month calendar, again because it's EASIER.

More planets farther out that are unimportant.. right now.

so there you go. How would Large planet-sama effect the life and tidal activity on The Moon world?

Did I ramble too much? *heh*

and how would this effect days and nights with a large planet in the way.. though I suppose it could always be like out moon and always face the planet on the same side. Hmmmmm...