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there's no such thing as a stupid question

No Dumb Questions
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Welcome to noduque! Noduque is designed to help authors of original fiction. Unlike most communities for writing queries, there is nothing you can't ask (short of the obscene and distasteful). You can ask simple things like what to name your character (just give us details about them), or complicated things like which planes have been discontinued. We especially like the bizarre questions, like how many toes a gecko has (5).

This isn't just a resource for details, thoug; we encourage you to ask all sorts of questions about your writing. Every so often, the mods will ask a general writing question that pertains to one topic; it's a fun little break from the norm, but you don't have to participate.

    if asking a question:
  • look through tagged entries before you post
  • tag your entries for other users and quick indexing to make sure your question has not already been asked
  • help research topics for your fellow authors, obviously :3
  • if you have a burning grammatical question, feel free to ask
    if answering a question:
  • be knowledgeable of the subject or topic; do not answer a question unless you are certain what you are saying is accurate/right
  • provide as much detail or information as the question requires
  • use layman's terms wherever possible

  • introduce yourself without submitting a query at the same time
  • post resources in the following format: url and a title (eg *url* "great name generator")--make them detailed or batch-post them
  • make non-query posts
  • pimp your community, website, newly published book, etc.
  • post your story or a link to your story and ask for feedback; that is not a service of noduque

for the sake of organization and ease of use, I'd like to keep tagging as uniform and user friendly as possible. All entries should be tagged accordingly:
  • if you are posting to ask a question, you should use the tag query post plus one or two tags that relate to your particular question.
  • if you are posting to generate discussion (ie, describe what makes a good villain, what are some places you think everyone should visit once), you should use the tag topic post plus one or two tags that relate to the discussion
  • if you are posting a list of links or information pertaining to a particular topic for use as resources (ie, lists of names), you should use the tag resource post plus the tag that relates to the topic
  • topic posts that contain polls should include the tag poll
  • keep your tags simple and fairly generic. If you had a general question about an article a clothing (what it's called, what it would look like, how it would be worn}, you would tag it thus: query post, clothing. If your question were specifically about clothing in a certain country, you would tag: query post, [country], clothing. If your question were for clothing for a country in a certain time period, include the tage period
  • check the tags list before creating your own to see if one that relates to your question isn't already in use

  • feel free to post resources or tips and tricks that help you write better
  • be respectful of your peers and the mods
  • some questions may require personal or subjective answers; noduque welcomes friendly debate, but please keep it civil

noduque cannot speak for or guarantee the accuracy of the answers provided. Questions are answered by other users. noduque does not certify or verify that the users who answer are experts on a given subject or topic.