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Okay, so I'm thinking of making a joke about a puppet-related character that references Punch and Judy without referring outright to the name (basically involving mentions of crocodiles, sausages, policemen and so forth) ... I'm aware that most of the people who will see the joke will be American, and that Punch and Judy shows don't really occur on that side of the Atlantic. Would the joke be completely incomprehensible to too many people for it to be worth my making it? :\


Oct. 15th, 2006 04:42 pm (UTC)
I've heard of Punch and Judy, but not to the point where I understand the references you mentioned. So the joke would probably go over my head. But I've had jokes go over my head in stories before (and in life) and it doesn't ruin my appreciation of a story.

I think of the Simpsons and Gilmore Girls, two shows that are all about the references, and most people I know are excited when they get a reference, not upset when they don't get one.

I say, if you like the joke, put it in. Besides, no need to cater to us Colonials, right? ^_~